Thursday, March 8, 2012

35 and a half weeks... we're getting closer!

Gotta say sorry. I had just written this huge post and then the computer just randomly shut itself off to update and I lost everything. And I even had some positive stuff written so that y'all could know I'm not always such a bummer. Not gonna lie... I'm kinda irked about losing it. Whatever... at this point I should kinda be expecting stuff like that, right?!

 So, baby Archer update. Let's see... did I post about the whole kidney stones fiasco? I think I did though it's hard to remember what I have and haven't done anymore. Pregnancy brain is a real killer ;) I swear I've lost all my short term memory and I'm totally NOT kidding about that. As you all know by now, I had my weekly appointment with Dr. O yesterday. I'm measuring around 39 weeks (and I'm only 35.5). Apparently the specialist from the hospital told my OB that all my fluid levels were normal and that the baby is actually measuring small. Not sure how he figures that 1+1=3, but whatever. Dr. O wants me to come in on Friday for a fetal weight measurement ultrasound on Friday so that he can see for himself. During the appointment Dr. O asked about my right side and back pain. He thought that it could be attributed to my gall bladder (stones or something) and so he ordered me STAT blood work and a STAT gall bladder ultrasound (for which I had to fast 8 hours for - meaning no food or drink, including water)and then told me to come back into the office after we left the imaging center. Needless to say, I spent all day prior to my ultrasound sleeping to keep my mind off of not being able to eat or drink anything. I swear, some Dr.s just like to torture us pregnant women. No food or water for 8 hours?! Hello! What else... want my right arm too? ;)

Four p.m. came and Josh and I went to the ultrasound and then went straight over to Dr. O's. Turns out there aren't any gall stones, which we'd already guessed as much from the ultrasound images. As much as the doc can figure Archer is pushing against my gall bladder and squishing it into my ribs and that is causing all the pain. Awesome cause there isn't ANYTHING that can be done for that. He wrote me a prescription for some heavy duty pain killers but all they do is make me dizzy and super nauseous. And the medication only helps the lesser of the pain... which really stinks cause it's the stronger aches and pains that I want to go away! Oh well, what else am I gonna do?!

I did finally get Dr. O to admit that he won't take the baby until 38 weeks, unless I go into labor before then. So I'm totally hoping that my water breaks here any time now because I can't take this pain anymore. Honestly, I don't even really sleep anymore. I told Josh that we should look up some 'do-it-yourself' c-sections on you tube and just take matters into our own hands. I don't think he took me seriously. ;)
sign off for blog
Like every day before this, now we wait. Pray and wait. I'll update on Friday and hopefully have a fun new ultrasound pic to share.


Natalie♥ said...

Bree have they given you anything for the nausea to take with the pain medication? They did that for me once and it helped a ton!!! I know its safe when you are pregnant so see if they can add that to your daily dose of meds. Anything to help right now!! I am so sorry you feel so miserable, you are doing great hanging in until the very last minute it looks like. It will pay off I am sure you just wont know it right now.

Los Peña said...

Good luck to you! Eva was born at 40 weeks and I was so grateful, she was a brave strong girl!