Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project 52 - Week 8

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I absolutely LOVE this quote. I give it to each and every family I shoot a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep session for. The words are so simple but so true. There is no life that we bring into our own that fails to change us in some way. Be it in small or large ways.

I'm lucky enough to have already had a child who has changed me so significantly. Tay was my first angel baby and his loss in my life led me to the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, where I have been able to help so many others through their grief. Although he was born still, his presence forever changed the world.

Now, here I am nearly 6 years later, twice as lucky because I have another special baby on the way. Although he hasn't even been born yet, Archer has already drastically changed my life. He has changed how I look at and think about so many different things. Time with my children, my husband and family has new meaning, and greater importance. I understand more fully how fragile life is. It can be taken from us at any moment and there is nothing that we can do to control it. All we can do is love the ones we're with and cherish every moment, no matter how brief.
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grammaDawn said...

Sweet quote adn so true! Nice shot, you are a brave girl!!

neenerneener said...

ugh....i need to stop reading your blog, i always end up crying and barely able to even see the words. Love you sister! can't wait to see you and archer boy!

neenerneener said...

oh freak. that little boys is so very beautiful. and yes he has forever rocked our world in the best way! you're amazing and I love you sister!!