Monday, June 22, 2009

What I've been up to

For all my dear, kind, patient friends and family... here is what I have been frantically trying to finish over the last... oh... 5 weeks or so:
what you see in that picture are 250 pages of completed workbook material (done by yours truly - (top book)), and 850 pages of textbook material (bottom book) which we had to read and do the chapter review for(plus filling out the workbook you see on top). That's 50 chapters! Totalling about an hour and a half of work per chapter. I'm too tired to do the math, but isn't that nuts!? As of 9:08 pm tonight... I am FINISHED with my workbook. Tomorrow I go to class, turn in the workbook, take my final, and pass off my LAST situation (we are timed on giving correct care to a resident (it's actually a manequin) involving taking vital signs (we get to use a real person for this) undressing, dressing, bed baths, personal care etc. etc. etc.) So, technically after tomorrow... I AM DONE with my CNA class! All I have to worry about is the state exam (which involves both a written and a skills exam) and if I pass those, then I am officially a Certified Nursing Assistant. That's right people... I can shave your beard (if you have one), change your attends, help you get to your wheelchair from bed, and vice versa. Oh yeah, and I can help you get to the commode or the toilet from bed, and even give you a urinal or bed pan if you need it! Wow-wee! I can help you get dressed and undressed, help you put on your anti-embolic stockings, turn and reposotion you in bed, give you a bed bath, and then change your linens while you are still in bed. I can feed you, clean your dentures, ambulate you safely, brush and style your hair. I can properly care for your catheter (should you have one) and care for your nethermost regions, and even give you a proper shower. Hot diggity dog. Let's see... what else? I know there's more. Hmmm... Justine, did I miss anything? Probably. Oh well, you get the picture... right?! Guys? ...You there? Hello? ...Did I loose you at the "attends" part? or was it "commode"? or maybe the whole "nethermost regions" part? Sorry about that. Nothing's very personal to me anymore. You kinda loose that side of yourself after child birth, and then working clinicals in a long term care facility (nursing home) really takes it away from ya.


Bragbook said...

YUM, I will just have the soup of the day thanks. :0 Wow One thing I do NOT want you to do is combine your talent of picture taking with the talent of shaving nether regions..wait is that what you said? I better go back and re-read.

grammaDawn said...

It's comforting that between you and Justine I will be well taken care of in my "much" later years. You came into this world with me changing your diapers, I truely hope I don't go out with you changing mine. Congratulations with finishing that course.