Thursday, June 18, 2009

"That's what I'm chalkin' 'bout"

Hahaha! Get it?! Chalkin' (talkin')?! Hahahaha! I just crack myself up!
Anyways, now that I've almost lost you... Alli wanted to draw with chalk today, and so I joined her (yay... I got all my homework done) and we had lots of fun.
Alli suprised me by showing me that she could write her name. I've been working on it with her for awhile now, but she's never done it for me. When I asked her who taught her, she said "Daddy!" Isn't he the best?!
Photobucket You can see in the picture that she has already written her name (Alli - the l's are kinda smushed) and she is starting on another 'A')
Here is her rendition of our family (I think she is more of an abstract artist).
Photobucket (Isn't the resemblance striking!? And do you see that I am HUGE compared to the rest of them, esp. Josh? Thanks Al.) I guess I'll cut her some slack considering the fact that she is only 3 (almost 4 - yikes).
The next few pictures are just for fun.


grammaDawn said...

Those are some of the sweetest pictures I've seen in a long time. I want that drawing to frame and hang in my house. And are those your mini-feet or what!?

Bragbook said...

How fun Bree you are an Awesome mom! I can Tell that Ali is your Daughter, your feet look exactly the same!! How crazy is that! Ali is also on her way to having her moms artist talent! Josh is up a little higher like he is flying. HUMmmmm It is really making me think. (LOL)