Sunday, June 28, 2009


As you can see from the picture, it's about that time of year again. Yes, you got it: Potty Training! Wahoo! I've come to the conclusion that Blake is smart enough to start using the toilet (and now that I'm out of school we can actually start working on it). He can tell me when he's peed or pooped in his diaper, so I figured why not? Blake has been really fascinated with the toilet for quite some time now; he sits on it all the time and loves to pretend that he's actually used the potty (he loves to make pee and poop noises). I think that he really loves to sit on the potty because that's when Mom spends lots of quality time with him: singing songs, reading books, playing hand games (patty cake), playing with toys and using the magna doodle. It's great, for him anyways (I always end up with a sore bottom from sitting on the tile floor). Before today, he's never actually gone to the bathroom on the toilet. It's all been pretend. But as of 10:00 p.m. tonight that is no longer true! WAHOO! Blake actually used the potty. Is it crazy that I am so excited?! (I totally think it's a mom thing!) I know some people probably think it's inappropriate for me to blog about this, but I'm just so excited I have to tell EVERYONE! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


grammaDawn said...

Nice, potty talk on your blog, what are you thinking? I think there are so many better things to blog about like: what was your lesson on in Sunday School yesterday? Don't you have a favorite Sunday tradition you could tell us about? Just stop all this other offensive garble. Oh wait, just kidding :0) Love your blog, of course, so count me in as a faithful reader forever. Way to go Blake, his phone call was so cute telling me he went potty. Too cute!!

James & Amy Anderson Family said...

I am impressed. Brad wasn't even close to being ready for potty-training until he was almost 3! Good job, Blake!

Bragbook said...

Oh how I love this picture!!! It just feels like that bathroom was sighing with relief!! Way to go Blake you are one smart cookie!