Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Boy Blues

Blake's been absolutely miserable lately. I don't know if he's getting more teeth or what. But he just isn't happy. Bubs is constantly wanting to be held, and nothing is making him happy. I think that he has a cold as well. Poor kid. Anyways, the reason for this post... last night I was holding Blake, and for no apparent reason he just pulled his arm out the neck of his shirt. When I tried to put him back together, the little Humpty Dumpty told me "no no no" and swatted my hand away. I tried over 5 different times over the coarse of the evening, and every time I got the same reaction out of the little booger. Funny little kid! Oh - but how I love him!

1 comment:

neenerneener said...

OOOOOOOOOHHHHH! he's sad because he wants his auntie neener...yep that's it, he needs me. he wants me. and he loves me.
can't wait to see you all soon!