Thursday, January 29, 2009


Jordan came over last night after Josh put the kids to bed, and we played Monopoly. I hadn't played that game since sometime before High School (we're talking like a decade or something), and let me tell you... it was SO much fun! We laughed so much and so hard, I think I just might have peed my pants a little, more than once. ;) Not really... maybe.

Jordan has the "Electronic Banking" version, and it is a freakin' blast! All of the prices are in the 100's of thousands and millions. It's crazy! Passing go is 2million alone! CHA-CHING! If only I could use my Monopoly Bank Card at the mall.... wahoooooo! I think I might actually do it once, just to watch the look on the clerks face. "Excuse me, but do you take credit?" "We sure do, ma'am." {give her my card, and she'll run it automatically} "Sorry ma'am, but it says 'error'." "Oh no, could you try running it one more time? I've got atleast 5 million in there... I know I have enough to cover it!" HAHAHAHAHA! (Trust me, it's funnier in person. I would know, we did the role play last night while Jordan was freakin' cleaning Josh and I OUT!)

Let me just tell you, Jordan is AWESOME at this game. AWESOME! He totally wiped us out. Jordan took over the second side of the board ENTIRELY and put up houses upon houses, and then he moved to hotels. A stay on just one of his properties near the end of the game (before Josh and I were declaring bankruptcy) was anywhere between 5 and 7 million dollars! CRAZY! At the end of the game we totalled the value of all his properties and hotels and added it to his final "bank account" of almost 20 million and it came to 89.219 million dollars! If only... if only - right Jordan!?

It was a quick and painful game. Josh went out first, and I held on by the skin of my nose for a few turns before I was mortgaging all my property only to go out in just one more turn! Ouch! I even had Fenway Park AND Times Square! I had a monopoly on only two different colors of properties (red and blue baby)... but Jordan was smart and took out one whole side of the board. It's totally what I am going to do next time. It's inevitable... you WILL land on atleast ONE of his properties. There isn't even a choice! Unless you're like Jordan and just land on the "Go to Jail" square and completely skip Bree's side of the board all together. Dang it!


grammaDawn said...

So, that's how you have fun in Idaho.......playing Boropoly. I didn't know people really finished that game once the property is gone. Park Place, check, that's the last thing on the board for sell. Game over, everyone count up your money. The one with the most money wins. Never mind if you have the most property, money takes all.

grammaDawn said...
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