Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cake Mix Cookies

I LOVE these cookies. They are SO super easy and only require 4 ingredients (yes, you heard me right). I'd let Alli make them herself (if she was old enough to handle herself around the oven). Anyways, here's what you need:

-your favorite cake mix
-amount of oil cake mix calls for
-eggs (one less than the recipe calls for)
-complimentary frosting

Once again, I have my lovely assistant helping me demonstrate today. (Isn't she cute!?) Preheat your oven to whatever the box tells you to for the cake mix. Put all of your ingeredients into your mixing bowl & mix until thouroughly combined.
Can I just say, I LOVE my mixer! LOVE it! Moving on... Now take out rounded tbsps worth of dough, or just use a cookie dough scoop for more even-ness (Is that even a word?!).
(I caught Alli sneaking a taste - I just love the look on her face in the center paper) Roll the dough into balls, as Alli has shown below.
Place onto cookie sheets in staggered rows of 3 and 2 (3,2,3,2,3) fitting 13 dough balls per sheet. Bake for about 10 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown. Let cool for 10 minutes and then transfer to cooling racks. When they are completely cooled, frost the smooth side of one cookie and then sandwhich between another, obviously continuing until all the cookies are coupled. YUMMMMM & oh so easy!
What are my favorite combinations you ask?
-Chocolate/Fudge cake mix with cream cheese (or vanilla) frosting
-Lemon Cake Mix with lemon or cream cheese frosting
-White Cake Mix with ANY frosting (chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese)
-Rainbow sprinkle Cake Mix with ANY frosting (it's fun to add food coloring to vanilla frosting to make the cookies way colorful!
-Red velvet cake mix with pink or white vanilla/cream cheese frosting... ooooh yum! I know what I'm (or Alli rather) doing for V-day!
And there you have it folks. It's so easy. I keep several different kinda of cake mix and frosting on hand so that I can make these at the drop of a hat if need be.


grammaDawn said...

I'll have to agree. I keep lots of both around as well. They are indeed the best! Won't be too long before Alli is doing this all by herself.

Bragbook said...

Did you make enough for your wonderful friends too!!! lol

Bree said...

Actually, these are old pictures. But Alli saw me posting the pictures, and now she wants to make some, so we'll be seeing ya soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are little Mrs. Betty Crocker! Those look really yummy...I'm no baker by any means, but I think those are idiot-proof enough for me to make!

neenerneener said...

yum. i'm craving some oreos. remember that one sunday when i was bored and mom told me to make some of these cookies....and so i tried, but just couldn't get past that tasking skill of turning on the stove...and you guys thought that i was joking?? yeah, i'm proud to say that i've moved past those struggles in my life

Bree said...

Yeah - you're super smart now. Especially if you use the stove for BAKING cookies! ;)

neenerneener said...

whatever...you knew what i meant...and sometimes i DO use my stove for baking cookies. Yes I'm THAT good.

Michelle said...

These are so yummy!! It makes me want to go and make some right now.

Here are a couple of other ways that I have done cake mix cookies that you might enjoy!

Use a chocolate cake mix and mix it up. Before making the dough into balls, get candy (such as rolos, junior mints, peanut butter cups, hershey kisses, etc.) and roll the batter around the candy. Bake them, and when you take them out, immediately place a couple of chocolate chips on the top. I put them back in the oven for about 30 seconds to soften up the chocolate chips, and then pull them out and spread it. Let them cool before you eat. So yummy!!

Another one I do is a spice cake mix with chocolate chips in it. Or my aunt even omitted the oil and used pumpkin to make these really good pumpkin cookies!

Or, any type of cake mix with add ins of your choice (chocolate chips, nuts, etc).

Yummy!! Thanks for sharing!