Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning (and Day)

My Christmas started off with a bang at 4:00 am yesterday morning. Alli woke up crying because her "nose hurt" (I thought maybe she was getting a cold or something, but she woke up symptom free today) and because of her crying, she woke Blake up too. Whoopee. Alli is usually pretty easy to get back to sleep... Blake, on the other hand, is not. Lucky me, I got to stay up with Blake and rock him back to sleep after getting him some warm milk. Yuck. Well, I was able to fall back asleep eventually and had some strange dreams about Josh being Santa Clause and not being able to get to all the houses in time (yeah - I have weird dreams). Well, somewhere around 8am Josh and Alli got up, and I wasn't able to escape reality any longer. Bummer. After crying for a few minutes (not really, but I wanted to), I pulled myself out of bed and got the camcorder set up to record "The Opening of the Presents".
I'm trying to keep my children away from the idea that Christmas means presents. I don't want my kids growing up being spoiled every Christmas and not being grateful for what they have. I think that the media has WAY over materialized this whole season to where Christmas has nothing to do with it's originally intended meaning! Sorry, I'll step down from my soapbox now. So, anyways, this year Josh and I talked it over, and we decided that a few presents was sufficient enough. Alli loved opening presents and was super excited with every gift she unwrapped. Blake, not so much. He just wanted to play with all the toys Alli was unwrapping. He especially loved the "Littlest Pet Shop" toy my Mom & Dad bought Alli. Funny kid.
After presents and clean-up, I made our traditional Christmas Morning Crepe breakfast. And it was awesome... esp. with the plum jelly! We even had bacon, and orange slices too! YUMM-O! Jan, John and Jordan came over soon after and we had another round of presents to go through. Jan and John bought us new ceiling lights for the house, and a ceiling fan for the kids bedroom! AWESOME! They look soooo much better than what was there before. SOOO much better! Blake got a cool musical desk, and dump truck; and Alli got a hopscotch game and a princess fishing game. Lucky kids.

After they left, Alli took turns playing her new Candyland game with Josh and me. Blake just wanted to play with the Pet Shop. Weirdo. You can see him on his perch there just behind Alli. Blake loves the table top. I can always find him there. Always.

Then I got out the Aquadoodle mat that my parents bought Blake. Thanks Mom & Dad! They LOVE it (and I do too)! It's awesome!
Thank you to everyone who helped make our Christmas special! We love you all! And for those of you in Washington, we missed you all tons and tons! Hope everyone's Christmas was merry and bright!


grammaDawn said...

Wow, way fun! Looks and sounds like we miss out big time! We didn't even have our traditional pogogi, or however you spell it. Grandma asked me, on Wednesday, is I needed the recipe yet adn I told her no.........what was I thinking? like I could go get it Christmas morning? I guess there was just too much to think about, so I'm thinking that we'll have it on New Year's, if we can wait that long.

James & Amy Anderson Family said...

What a fun day!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I love it now that the Kenni and Alli are old enough to get so excited!