Monday, December 29, 2008

We love Spaghetti!

Actually, the proper title would be "We love noodles !" but that doesn't sound as fun.

My kids are crazy for noodles. Especially Alli. When I ask her what she wants for breakfast, "noodles", what she wants for lunch "noodles", what she wants for dinner, "noodles". She can't get enough of 'em. Oh well... at least it's something easy (and cheap), right!? Anways, since I was wanting to be super-fancy for Christmas dinner, we had Spaghetti & the leftover meatballs from Christmas Eve. I know, I know... I'm a real go-getter! HAHAHA! Really, I would have loved to do something big and wonderful, but I just wasn't into it. My favorite thing about these pictures is the way Alli has her face practically entirely in her bowl! And then cute little bub slurping up his noodles. He chose to forego the fork. Hands are much easier! I had to take a "artistic" picture of all of them sitting at the table. I chose to focus on Josh because I rarely take pictures with him in them. And besides, these beautiful kids wouldn't exist if it weren't for him!

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grammaDawn said...

Why doesn't Josh have a mouth full of 'noodles'?