Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Anderson Family's Annual Christmas Eve Party

Originally we were supposed to be going to Washington for Christmas this year. Usually our family takes turns with each side of the extended family, switching every other year. Usually that's the plan. Usually. But this year, it was a little too expensive to buy three plane tickets (Alli has to have her own seat now), and it was definitley too dangerous to drive!

So, for Christmas Eve this year we all (the whole Anderson side) gathered at Jan and John's and ate tons of good food, played some Wii, ate more food, sang some carols, ate even more food, listened to Jan (and Jordan) tell the Christmas Eve Story, and... did I mention the food?! Cause there was A LOT - and it was GOOD!

If you weren't there, then, as my sister Chalynn would say, "You miss out!" Don't worry though, you aren't going to miss out on anything but the noise of the party and the taste of the food... because I took pictures of it all! I desingated myself family historian last night and documented almost the entire party! Ok, I didn't really desinate myself the family historian... it was just, after looking at how many pictures I took, I might as well have been. Anyways, like I said before, you missed out.
The food was awesome. We had everything- well, not literally, but there was lots! Meatballs (two different kinds), 7 layer bean dip, crab dip, lil' smokies, chili, sweet-n-sour chicken wings, marinated mushrooms, pub mix, garlic stuffed green olives, and JT even brought some pickeled pigs feet (yuck... and I can say that because I know from experience... Josh got me to try a bite. Let me tell you... I'd rather eat my own puke... seriously). And we had tons of dessert: frog-eye salad, cherry filled danishes, peanut butter bars, coconut chex mix (YUM), and pumpkin and apple pies. There was even jello-jigglers for the kids (and, if I'm being honest, the adults too!;).

I gave my family their traditional Christmas pajamas (all Seahawk themed). And they looked "tight"! :) It was pretty cute. I was totally left out on that one though. I couldn't find anything my size (that I liked enough to buy anyways - Seahawks crap is expensive!).

Grandma Jan, and Uncle Jordan told us the Christmas Eve story (you know, "I, in my kerchief and Ma in her cap..." - yeah, that one...) Jordan sat behind Jan and acted as her arms. It was pretty funny! Too bad the kids couldn't sit still long enough to listen to the whole thing through. Mostly they just bickered with eachother about who got to sit in the little chairs. Maybe next year it will be a bigger hit with them.

The party was so slammin', Santa caught word of it and made an appearance! He parked the reindeer on the roof and knocked on the door. We could hear his jingle bells from all the way inside the house. We tried getting one of the bigger kids to open the door, but eventually Grandma got in the game and helped them out. It was so fun! At first the kids didn't really know what to do, and were a little "nervous" (that was Alli's own word to describe her feelings) but eventually they eased up a bit and actually went around Santa. Well, the kids got close enough to get their gifts anyways. Alli sat on Santa's lap, but Blake wasn't so brave! Bonus Points if you can name who played Santa this year! ;)

When Santa asked Alli what she wanted for Christmas, her reply was "a coloring book, some crayons and this (she held up her harmonica)" (which was what Santa had already given her)! She is so funny. Too bad "Santa" already spent some money on other gifts for her. Guess I (I mean, HE) he should go take those other gifts back. A coloring book, some crayons and a harmonica... that's it!? I wish I would have known that earlier. I mean, I wish Santa would have known that earlier.

Santa's visit was pretty much the highlight of the night. You should have seen the kids with their gifts. They LOVED 'em! Funniest yet was Alli telling Josh all about Santa's visit. She had to explain what happened because Josh had "missed out". The whole time Santa was there, Josh was in the "bathroom". HAHAHA! After Santa left, Alli tried to watch for him out the window. She felt bad that her Dad had missed out on all the fun and was hoping that Santa would return. He never did. Sad night for Josh! Never-the-less, fun was definitley had by all!


grammaDawn said...

You're right.....I miss out! Actually we did because you weren't here :-( It just wasn't the same for sure. You should see Chalynn at Wii. She rocks at bowling and I bet she played for about 6 hours today, maybe more. She finally quit because her thumb hurt and she wanted to watch Mamma Mia...which is what we were doing when you called to show me this, so I better get back with her. Loveandmissedyoumuch!

leslie mae said...

How stinkin fun!!!! I bet you missed being with your family {something my Mom still struggles with but has accepted nonetheless}! Glad you had a happy Christmas!

James & Amy Anderson Family said...

Thanks for taking all the pictures, Bree! I like having you as the historian! And thanks for Christmas gift- it was yummy!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for taking so many cute pictures, Bree. It is so great having a professional photographer at all of our family events! And "Santa" was awesome! I am glad we are family.