Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where my boys at?!

Just one little angel boy is missing from this picture - otherwise it would be absolutely perfect! Miss you Tay!

These two are the greatest! And I know that some of you know the more negative side of my comments - but I LOVE Josh so much! He is the greatest Dad, and such a sweet husband. Josh is the hardest worker I know. Trust me, I've been to work with him and it sucks... he's a slave driver! I feel for the guys who have to work for him! ;) (Love you Josh!) He slaves away at work all week (and some Saturdays), and then goes to school two nights a week so that he can provide for his little family, and so that I can stay at home. What a great husband, and Dad! Yeah - he's pretty much the best ever! I just need to remind myself of that when I get mad :) And what can I say about my little momma's boy, Blake?! He is the sweetest, and cutest little guy there ever was. Right from the beginning I've called him my little boyfriend. Not in a weird way or anything, but we're always snuggling... he loves to cuddle with me (I hope it doesn't stop anytime soon... well, maybe when he's a teen it should stop - cause that would just be weird, but not anytime in the near future). We had so many frustrating late nights there in the beginning... just Blake and me. Sometimes we were up talking, sometimes I'd just be up watching him sleep, sometimes we'd BOTH be up crying - me because I was tired, and he about something else entirely.

Ahhh, being a mom. I love it! It's the greatest feeling in the world - to love and be loved! Nothing else can compare. Truly.

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