Monday, September 1, 2008

the Eastern Idaho State Fair...

if a fair is what you can really call it ;) I come from a faraway land (Tacoma, Washington) where they know how to put on a REAL fair, with lots of rides, and lots of good food, and lots of things to look at, and lots of fun shows to attend (you could spend days there trying to do everything)- so this one makes me giggle just a little 'cause...well, it's just a lil' guy! But, the kids had fun and that is all that matters. The real attraction for Alli and Blake was the petting zoo. They have little goats (and I mean little) that are just tromping around, begging for your food. There are also: chickens/roosters, donkeys, emu's, giant tortoises, and little pigs to see. Then, in the middle there are quite a few pens where they keep puppies that you can hold (only if you are seriously looking to buy though). So, today Josh and I were "serious" about purchasing this way cute little fawn pug! If only they stayed cute and small! My favorite was the photography exhibition, where my good friend Kacey won at least two second place awards for her sick (the good kind) photography skills! Check out her stuff here (CONGRATS KACEY)!

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