Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bed Time for Bonzos!

In our home, bed time it usually quite the production -and I don't mean it's a hassle or anything...it's really quite a show! We have a theatrical reading, or two, and even singing (sometimes there's even dancing - no kiddin')! After the kids are in their pajamas and have their teeth brushed, we'll hop onto Alli's bed and read. Josh and I take turns every other night reading the stories, but then as a family we'll sing a couple primary songs and then have prayer. It's really nice to have this routine, and Alli is doing so good at saying her prayers all by herself. Sometimes what she prays for doesn't make sense, but at least she's doing it, right!? Unfortunately, Blake is picking up on the routine, and as soon as we go into the room at night, he starts to get upset - the little bugger!


Hieb Family said...

We have the same routine, but Justin makes it all wild and stuff. It is fun to see the animation he puts into his songs. The kids love it, but then they are all wound up. I have to monitor his excitement level. I couldn't ask for a better dad for MY kids.

Bree said...

Yeah - Justin is a great dad! You lucky gal! ;)