Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Blakey!

I can't believe that my little Bubba-Chew has turned one year old! His actual birthday was last Friday (August 29th), but we waited to really celebrate until today so that we could have at least half the family join us for cake and ice-cream. My side of the family had prior engagements, and therefore couldn't make it to the party (they live in Washington and really didn't want to drive 12+ hours just for cake and ice-cream - I really don't know why). Just kidding guys (you know I love you). Anyways, so Blake is one year old now and here are some things he can do :

-He has 8 teeth (4 up and 4 down, with more trying to push through) and he eats everything!
-He pretends to answer the phone, and can say "heh-woah".
-He can wave "hello" and "goodbye".
-He can push his Rocket Car across the living room and down the hall.
-He can climb up the jungle gym w/o any help.
-He says "uh-oh!".
-He gives high-fives.
-He can play "Patty cake"
-And (my personal favorite) he gives kisses when I ask for them.

Blake's such a big boy now, and this coming year is only going to make him bigger! SCARE-Y... where in the heck is all this time going? Honestly. Why didn't life go this fast when I was back in High School?!!
Well, I took over a hundred pictures to capture the blessed event... so for those who weren't there, maybe you can live vicariously through the pictures!!! :)

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Hieb Family said...

You forgot my favorite part of Bubba, his growl...rrrrrrr! I love his little growl:)