Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mary, Mary... how's it lookin' now?

Oh my goodness... I am so excited! Atleast, once day I'll go check on my fruits and peppers. I am so glad that I pushed to grow this garden. Everyday Alli and I go out to check the garden, and everyday there will be at least one new grape or cherry tomato that has turned red, and everyday we take turns eating it. Usually I give it to Alli, she loves tomatoes almost as much as I do - maybe more, it's hard to say. Yeah - I share. I'm a super nice mom... MOST of the time! ;)

I decided that I would post new pictures of my garden, since it's changing so much! I know. I'm lame... but it's my new hobby (gardening that is... photography has ALWAYS been a hobby).

In case you missed the last post, our garden has:
cherry tomatoes

grape tomatoes (one truly is the loneliest number)

jalapeƱos (aren't they cute?)
rosemary (sorry, no thyme here)
and last but not least, slicers
I do have 2 plum trees, but they haven't really changed at all. Besides, I didn't feel like taking pictures of them - so there!

Can you hear my stomach growling? This post is making me HUNGRY! I wish those stinkin' tomatoes would just hurry and ripen already!


Hieb Family said...

The summer I grew a garden Easton and I did the same thing. We loved it because a garden changes so quickly you get a lot of satisfaction out of planting one. good job!!!!

Bree said...

Thanks. I'm pretty proud of it - it being my first and all. Hey... I could have done worse, that's for sure!