Monday, August 25, 2008

You ever been here?

Name: Crazyville
Population: ME!!!

Seriously folks, don't hate me because I'm beautiful! HAHAHA! I crack myself up! (What? My hair?! Didn't I tell you that I chopped it off? No? Oh.. well... I did. Now you know)

Honestly though... how many of you have ever had "one" of those days where you think that you could be committed into the insane asylum, and you wouldn't fight it? Well, I think that all of this past week was like that for me! Really! I need a vacation and not just any vacation will do! Yes, it's true: beggars can't be choosers, but seriously... I'm talking a vacation without my kids and possibly without my husband ;) (I know I'd miss them halfway to the airport - but it's still fun to imagine) where I can go somewhere and just sit on the beach and read a good book (or twenty) and do absolutely NOTHING (and feel good about it;). I mean, yeah I can read and do nothing at home - but that isn't fun 'cause I just feel guilty about it later, and the house and kids ends up looking like crud. (Did you know that kids really aren't supposed to wear their pajamas ALL day? I just found out and thought I'd pass it along.) Not to mention the fact that when I do read, I get really engrossed in the book and my kids (read: Alli) could be killing each other (read: Blake) right next to me, and I wouldn't be able to tear myself away from Bella and Edward (LOVE me some Twilight series) long enough to see exactly why my kids aren't making noise or moving anymore! AHHHHHHH! Even now, as I finally get some time to sit at my computer and type up my blog (something for me), Blake is crying! What is that kid doing up at this hour?! Please someone tell me! Can't I do something without a kid asking me to get her juice, or without someone crying as he follows me around the house, begging to be picked up? Honestly! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Quiet kids; "ME" time; warm, sandy beaches... what would that be like?! Anyone.... anyone... Bueller... Bueller? ... Is this mic on? Honestly, off to the looney bin for me! At least I could get some serious "me" time... hmmmmm...


Lacey said...

Ah, man! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has had one of those weeks. I actually sat on the kitchen floor and cried on friday because I had reached my limit. I am so not a crier, but sometimes you just cannot help it. I swear if I have to clean up anymore bodily fluids of any kind I am going to have to commit myself! By the way, you crack me up. The picture is just marvelous!

Bree said...

HAHAHA! Thanks... and I'm totally a crier - so you can just imagine what I've really been up the the past few days! WHAAAAAAA!

Stephanie said...

Totally sounds like you need a weekend! As soon as we get moved, I'll come pick up your kids and they can come for a sleep-over. I'll plan on it- it would be fun!