Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Year Ago Today

   One year ago today, my world was filled with more pain, fear, excitement, happiness and sorrow than one heart should be able to contain. I was given the opportunity to meet an angel. To hold and to kiss and to love him. He was the sweetest little boy there ever was and for a short time I was in his presence. And I loved it. Each and every second I spent with him was a treasure. A priceless gift that I will never forget.
   Pregnancy is a literally a labor of love. As a mother, there is nothing that can better describe the 9 months of physical and emotional torture that we go through than a 'labor of love'. And oh how I love my Archer boy.

   Let me tell you, there is nothing, NOTHING that can be said to describe the feelings of watching a team of medical staff working to keep your baby alive. The turmoil and anguish, the desperation, the panic. It's all so overwhelming. So many things were happening in that tiny NICU staging room, and all I was worried about was that tiny little boy. A bomb could have exploded next to me and I wouldn't have even given it a thought. I am so grateful for my nurse, Kandi Kidder, and for all NICU doctors and nurses. For their efforts, their quick skill and thoughtfulness. They will never know what their actions meant to me and my husband. Words of thanks will never be enough.


Because I had just given birth, I wasn't allowed to follow Archer in his incubator shaped chariot as he was wheeled to NICU 3. Josh was able to go however, and he watched the Dr. and nurses get our little man set up in his new room. Complete with multiple machines, breating equipment, tubing and monitoring sensors- and all the life sustaining equipment he needed.

That last image has got to be one of my absolute favorite from the day. The look of happiness and love on Josh's face is priceless.

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