Thursday, March 1, 2012

And then?!

I guess I owe y'all an update, huh? With two Dr. visits this week there should be LOTS to talk about. SHOULD being the operative word here. Tuesday was the visit with Maternal Fetal Medicine. I had an ultrasound and a "visit" with Dr. M, the new specialist. Let me tell you, I was not impressed. I felt like a bug on his windshield- unwanted and in the way. At least the ultrasound was amazing, and the tech was nice! I'll get an image up here asap. I was able to see his face SO clearly! Archer has the cutest little face. The sweetest nose, kissable lips, pinchable cheek. So cute. Seeing Archer's face made me so excited to see him. I can't wait til he gets here! After the ultrasound tech got all his numbers and measurements it was time for me to meet the new guy. Like I said before. I'm not impressed. He came in and was out in just a matter of two minutes (and that's being generous). He asked me one question (You're planning on a repeat c-section right?), waited for me to answer, then turned to the tech and told him to get me an appointment for 4 weeks. But wait. Here's the funny part. In my reply I told him how I had been in pre-term labor and that I was taking Nifedipine but that my OB was going to be taking me off of it tomorrow (meaning Wednesday) and then we were going to see what happened. He nodded a few times, said "uh-huh, uh-huh" and then told me he'd see me in four weeks. What in the HECK!? That's it?! No response? At all? Like several times before, I was stunned into silence. Sure, my thoughts were racing, but I failed to form them into words. Wouldn't he want to talk to my Dr? Did he have an concerns about me going off the medication? Did he want to know how I was feeling? Wasn't he wanting to know if I had any questions or concerns I'd like to share with him? Apparently not. After he left the room I looked at the tech and said, "So apparently everything looks good then?"And he told me that yes, everything looked good. My fluid levels were a little up but not enough that anyone was worried (especially considering the circumstances). They weren't able to get an accurate reading for the baby's weight because of the difference in head and abdomen measurements (they average to form a guesstimate on weight) and there was something about Archer's femur being a little smaller than average. Oooookay. Wasn't the Dr. supposed to tell me that? Whatever. Hopefully I won't being seeing him again. At all. EVER.
So then we move onto Wednesday with my OB. Slightly more contact time than yesterday but still... it was lacking. One plus was that we didn't have to wait for every long to get into a room... that almost NEVER happens. The nurse checked my urine sample, my weight and my blood pressure. Everything looked good until my blood pressure. It was up really high the first time, but that was because I was in the middle of a contraction. So the nurse checked it again, and it was a little lower, but still high (140/80). Moving on... Dr. comes in and checks to see if I'm dilated any - which I'm not. His actual words were something along the lines of "you haven't changed hardly any at all" (whatever that means). He asked how I was feeling, to which I said miserable! I told him about how I've been constantly contracting and that I didn't think the medicine was doing ANYTHING anymore. So, he said for me to stop taking it. Yay! But... he said it was still too soon to plan for a c-section. Boo! He wants the baby to stay put as long as possible, and then he said he'd see me next week (unless I went into labor). Argh! Throw me a freakin' bone here. I am hurting all the time! I just need some relief. Medication isn't helping AT ALL for pain relief, but it does do a good job of making me super dizzy and disoriented. Awesome - I don't know about you, but that's my favorite way to feel. ;)
So, like every other day before now... we wait. My favorite game of all time. Let's all just hope that my water breaks or something so this crazy labor train will just stop at the next station. Delivery!

P.S. In unrelated baby news... anyone seen the Hunger Games commercials?! AWESOME!!!!

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Jolene said...

Gee whiz! Did Dr. M even take his hand off of the door knob while nodding? What the??? Who is this guy? Clearly he was absent on the day that bedside manner was discussed at med school. Who even talks to people like that? Especially when they are talking to pregnant, anxious women who are obviously on an emotional rollercoaster. BUGGED!!! I hope you never see him again either. I also hope that you will be feeling better sooner than later. Hang in there! Love ya!

Carol M said...

Hi Bree!

Oh yes...all too familiar! The doctors often forget that we, as parents, would appreciate some information. I sometimes wonder if they don't have answers so it's easier to leave than bluff their way through! Regardless, you will soon be your babies best specialist anyway, you'll see!! Can't wait to see the pictures of his beautiful, perfect little face!!


James & Amy Anderson Family said...

Yeah, I am hoping to see Hunger Games as soon as possible!

neenerneener said...

could you just have the kid already?!?!?!?! geez. i'm sick of waiting;) and if i meet the specialist, don't worry I'll punch him for you. Love you sister and keep us posted, I can't take this anymore...oiling and lotioning lotioning and, i love you and can't wait to pinch Archers cute little face!!

grammaDawn said...

Cold, heartless, SOB!!! I'm sure you thought of many smartaleck things to say, once he left the room. Carol is probably right though.
On a positive note: the boys have been wonderful! We haven't had 1 problem since we left your street. Good times!
...and Hunger Games....can't stand the wait. Movie looks like it will be as good as the books:o)

Eddins said...

I have plans to see the movie..then my husband threw in that he wants to go to it too. :)

On another note..I'm an opinionated person...I speak out. I would be contacting both doctor offices. If you don't say something, they will continue to disregard mothers and their concerns. :( I hope you said something. Good luck - we are finally back in town and feeling better. Let us know if you need anything.