Monday, February 27, 2012

Project 52 - Weeks 4,5 & 6

Yeah, yeah... I know. Only one picture to cover three weeks!? Jipped! Truthfully though this one picture really covers the adventure the last three weeks has been for me. And I'm sure I'm going to hear about even thinking of picking up my camera from at least my mom and sisters, let alone actually doing it. But, honestly... I couldn't handle it anymore. I had to do SOMETHING. I'm bored! Naturally, I turned to my camera for help.


I find that this quote really applies to my life the past couple of weeks. Reading has always been a favorite pass time of mine. Ask my mom, sister and husband - anyone who knows me well. Pre-semi-bedrest I would sneak in ANY chance to read that I could get. Stirring a pot of noodles for dinner, staying up a few minutes (okay hours) late at night, while the boys were eating lunch, in the car queue waiting to pick up Alli from school, while the kids were playing at the playground, at the Dr.'s office. Like I said, ANY chance I got. I even got a Kindle app for my phone so that I didn't have to carry my books with me everywhere I went. It's probably the best app EVER.

However, I've done so much reading lately that it's almost become... dare I say... BORING! {GASP!} I never ever EVER would have thought that reading would ever feel like a chore, but one thing I've learned over the past couple weeks is that reading is only fun when you WANT to do it - not when you HAVE to. Now that I've nothing else to do but sit around and read, I don't really want to anymore. Crazy, I know. I seriously can't believe I've even said that. It truly makes me sad. Honestly. I can't wait to get back to the point where reading becomes fun again. I miss the adventure that a good book can bring, but I think my head can't handle all these mental trips I have been taking. I've become seriously book-lagged.
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neenerneener said...

UMMMM yeah you're in trouble!! that's not bed rest, and I know Candice is thinking the same thing!! get back in bed and read! Miss Peregrines Home for peculiar children....soooo good, read it!!

Michelle D. said...

Hang in there! You will begin to enjoy books again, eventually. After 10 weeks of bedrest, it took me about 2 years to even think about picking up a book. That's fine though, because you will be busy for a little while. ;)

grammaDawn said...

Don't make me bring these boys back to you already. Rest or take care of the decide;o) Reading, good....being up and doing stuff, bad!