Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pre-Term Labor? NO thank you! - Part Two

(FYI - all the pictures from my hospital stay were taken with my phone. Not the best quality I know. Don't judge me for it.)

Without wasting even a second, Dr. O and the nurse pull me into a room and start asking me questions. How long have I been contracting? How would I rate my pain? Yadda, yadda, yadda. Dr. O gives the nurse some instructions (gotta be honest, I wasn't listening) and then she told me to gown-up, pee in a cup and then get in bed. Fantastic. I could tell from the 'pee in a cup' it was going to be a fabulous night. Side note here, how in the heck to they expect very pregnant women to cleanly and effectively pee into a tiny little cup? It's just plain cruel! I honestly think they do it just to laugh at us. Rude. Anyways, back to the story... So, I get into bed and a nurse comes into the room followed by Dr. O. They check to see if I am dilated and sure enough I am at a 1, but tunneled (which means the front of my cervix was dilated but the back was still pretty closed). Dr tells them to give me a shot of Terbutaline in the arm to help stop the contractions along with a Morphine/Phenegrine (sp?) combination shot (NOT in the arm, if you catch my drift) for the pain and nausea I was currently experiencing. Next (it's three am now) I'm given a nasty bugger of a shot (NOT in the arm either) of steroids to help develop Archer's lungs in case I deliver soon (this was followed by another shot 12 hours later that day). Between all the madness, I'd been ID'd, hooked up to an IV and started on a drip to keep me hydrated, attached to a baby heart monitor and a contraction monitor, I'd probably signed my life away along with my unborn child with all the paper work, and answered a million questions about medical history, blood type and home life. Then, for the cherry on my already amazing sundae, Dr. O orders a straight catheter to get a "sterile urine sample" and I thought I liked him, too. Seriously, I peed in the dang cup! Wasn't that enough? Apparently not 'cause the next thing I know I'm BURNING down below and the nurse is apologizing to me like crazy - AND now I gotta pee... again! Holy crap, what a night. All I wanted at this point was a nap.
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