Monday, January 2, 2012

Ring, ring, ring in the New Year.

Tried calling Dr. R again. BIG surprise... she's not working today. Instead of taking a message for me, the receptionist told me to call back tomorrow sometime after 9am. Awesome. Thanks for the help people. Next, I tried getting a hold of my own OBGYN, the first call got me a busy signal so I called back 5 or so minutes later only to get a bunch of rining. No answering machine or answering service. Hells bells. This is driving me nuts!

It's not even New Year's Day! Why does everyone need the day off?! I don't get the day off, neither does my husband. Why the need to drag the holidays out as long as possible people? Why?!


Whitney said...

AMEN! I was out working today and every place I went was closed.. LAME! Get a real job :)Whew, glad i got that off my chest..

grammaDawn said...

Americans are a bunch of softies.