Saturday, December 31, 2011

To my darling baby boy...

I woke up this morning, at exactly 3:33 a.m. and I could not get back to sleep. A thousand thoughts were running through my head about you. I have so many unanswered questions still, and probably even more to come. Will you survive the pregnancy, let alone the delivery? What can I expect when I see you? How long will you stay with me? The list of questions and worries goes on and on. Finally, I decided to get up and write all my thoughts down... and for some reason it all came out as poems. Now, you know that I am no writer - and I especially don't do poetry (it was my least favorite subject in school). But, the same thing happened before I had your brother Tay. I just woke up and had to write down the words that came to me just for him. I guess my subconscious felt that it was only fair to write a few words for you as well. So, here they are. Know that I am no professional, and I wrote these with a heart full of longing and love. You might think it weird that I wrote down my thoughts from a future perspective, but don't. It's what I think/know I'll feel when I see you!Don't judge me too harshly. I love you so much little boy.

All my thoughts of You

I lay awake in bed tonight
Thinking about you.

A million thoughts tumble around
And still so very few.

Millions of worries, doubts and fears-
All of them of you.

A promise of a life cut short.
How can this be true?

This tiny life that grows in me.
This tiny life is you.

An unknown future awaits us.
A circumstance so new.

Unanswered questions plague my mind.
All of them about you.

What will the future bring to us?
I don’t know what to do.

It’s hard to lay and sleep tonight
All my thoughts of you.

-Bree Anderson

For Now

A precious child.
Mine to keep.
For now.

Mine to hold.
Mine to protect.
For now.

A sweet baby boy
Born to this earth
For now.

An innocent child.
Taken so young.
For now.

Tears and loss
Grief and heartache.
For now.

It seems so hard.
Such stinging pain.
For now.

This life, a moment.
I must endure
For now.

Promised forever
I’ll see you again.
But for now,

I’ll cherish the moments
That I’ve been given.
For now.

-Bree Anderson

Precious Little Baby

Ten perfect fingers and
Ten tiny toes.

Two beautiful eyes, and
A small button nose.

Round little cheeks, and
Bright, round eyes.

Kissable lips and
Sweet baby cries.

New to this world and
Innocent as can be.

A precious little baby
Born to you and me.

Perfect and beautiful
So special and loved.

Our sweet little baby
Returned to Heaven above.

-Bree Anderson

Our Very Own Angel

Our family must be so special
To be given such a wonderful gift.

Our very own angel sent to us,
But for only moments he lived.

A beautiful boy given to us
From a loving Father above.

Who knew we’d take this angel baby,
And give him all our love.

He was called home early to Heaven,
There is work for him to do.

Our very own angel to watch over us-
We will miss him that is true.

Although we cannot see him here
We can feel him all around us.

He watches over and guides our family
We feel we are very blessed.

Although we held him for so short a time
All our love to him we give.

Our very own angel, Heaven sent
And returned to Heaven to live.

-Bree Anderson

And the poem I wrote for our little Tay:

Families are Forever
You came here for a moment
Just a spec in time
But as you see dear child
Forever you'll be mine.

Families are forever
and forever ours will be.
So, although our time was brief
I know you'll be waiting for me.

You were too perfect and special
to stay here very long
Some people say "How unfortunate!"
But I say they are wrong.

Our family's very special!
A choice spirit came to us.
We gave him all he needed
and all he knew was love.

Our time together here on earth
was moments, it is true
But nothing will take away that day
When forever we'll be with you!

-Bree Anderson

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