Monday, January 30, 2012

I wish I may, I wish I might...

With my birthday just around the corner (the end of May is just around the corner right?!) I know that you are all wondering what you can get me for the BIG 2-9 (Ack! Am I really that old?!). Well, it just so happens that I have put together a list of things I'm wanting/needing. All of it has to do with photography (I'm sure that you are all super shocked).
I was fortunate enough to 'attend' a workshop put on by an amazing couple of wedding photographers this weekend. It was a  live, 3 day broadcast and so awesomely informative. Seriously, it has totally refreshed me and my perspective on all things photography and life!
Unfortunately for me, I'm no millionaire (heck, I'm not even a thousandaire) and can't afford to get all this stuff at once. My goal is to earn the money to have everything soon though. So if you know of anyone who is needing/wanting their pictures taken please link them to The Frame - I'd surely appreciate it. Photography equipment is pretty pricey, but totally worth the expense.

I'm going to get:
A 77mm Neutral White Balance filter from ExpoDisc to cut down my post-processing time.
A Black Rapid shoulder strap (designed just for women) so my camera won't hang in my way while I'm instructing clients.
A Canon hand strap for ease of use.

And a Sekonic L-358 Light Meter cause they are friggin amazing!

And I'm going to get my Canon 5D Mark II, my 85mm L series f/1.2 lens, my 24-70 mm L series f/2.8 lens,  my 16-35mm L series II f/2.8 lens and my 70-200mm L series f/2.8 II IS lens eventually. Soon. That's what I keep telling myself. Soon - very soon. WAHOO! Nothing like thinkin' positive, is there ;) ?!

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