Thursday, January 26, 2012

Da' Boys


I gotta hand it to my husband and I. We make some of the most gorgeous children. While I was working on my Project 52 shot, the boys sat right down and started saying 'cheese' and 'smile'. Tell you what, I've got those boys trained! Logan was especially funny yelling out 'my-o' (meaning smile), and bending towards the camera to make sure he was in the shot. Oh, how I love my boys.
Looking at this photo churns such conflicting emotions within me. It makes me so excited to meet little Archer and see him with his brothers (and sister) and at the same time it breaks my heart. Will I have time to add him to this photo one day? I can already picture how I want it, but bringing it to fruition is my hope and desire. So many things are out of my control, and it is so frustrating! I feel so selfish when I pray at night, begging my Father in Heaven for time with Archer. I know that it isn't my call and that I should be grateful for whatever amount of time I get, no matter how little. But I can't help the desires of my heart, and I want time with my baby boy. Lots and lots of it - to be perfectly honest.

sign off for blog


grammaDawn said...

speechless....I have nothing to say:o)

neenerneener said...

are you feeding logan all of blake's food? you can see blake's ribs and logan is such a chunk...but a pretty dang cute one!! love those boys and can't wait to see you all.

Jordan said...

those are two good looking studs... We need to steal them for a movie night at our place!

Eddins said...

You and your family are in our prayers! :(