Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Christmas Ramblings

It’s nearly impossible not to think about Christ during this time of year; especially of His birth. It’s sad to see what the world has done to this wonderful Christmas holiday. What should be a time of celebrating Christ’s birth, a time of love and togetherness, a time of service and giving is now all about presents. Gifts. How many will I get? How much money will he/she spend on me? Will I get what I want? It goes on and on. How sad that we’ve taken only one small, miniscule part of the story of our Savior’s birth and chosen to blow it up to astronomically disgusting proportions. How is it that the gifts which the wise men brought to the newborn King became the main focus of our holiday season? Where did it all go wrong?
My most memorable Christmas’ were ones where we secretly served families in our neighborhood and church. I don’t remember the things I got, or how much my parents spent on me. I remember the time we spent as a family making someone else’s day just a bit brighter. It’s the feelings of love and happiness- the Spirit of Giving that I remember. Why can’t it be like that for everyone? Why do we worry so much about the gifts? Even now as I am typing this I am thinking about the few remaining presents that I need to get for the kids, and a few family members – and it really makes me sad.

All I want for Christmas is for the world to remember why we really celebrate this blessed holiday: our Savior’s birth. What He did for us. What He taught us. How He died for us, so that we might live again. What a wonderful gift He has given us- and how will we show our thanks to Him? Not by monetary things, by the amount we spend on other’s but by our actions towards those around us. By our service, by our generosity, by our Spirit of Giving... this is how we can show the Lord our gratitude for what He has done for us.
My challenge to you: find someone to secretly serve this holiday season. Pay attention to not only how it changes the life of the one you serve, but notice how it makes you feel as well. I’m sure it will change your life. Merry Christmas!

Watch this video. A sweet little girl reminds us about the 'True Meaning of Christmas'.