Friday, April 30, 2010

Well hells bells...

This little booger isn't being cooperative. I went in for a second US today, but the stinker didn't want to be nice and show us the goods. Dr. said if I wanted a butt picture we're going to have to try again (that means another US - I know, darn... right!? ;) Anways, I'll take away all the suspense now... the Dr. is leaning towards:
A BOY!!!
Yeah. I know. That was pretty anti-climactic. Sorry. ;) Hopefully I'll get something to post soon. I think that Kacey and I are going to get my maternity shots done soon (as long as the weather would cooperate), so that will be fun (for me anyways). Until next time.


Michelle said...

Congrats!! In regards to your next post, I am sure you'll do a wonderful job transitioning to 3 kids. :)

grammaDawn said...

Sounds like he/she will be keeping you on your toes from the get-go.