Friday, April 30, 2010



grammaDawn said...

Oh so cute! Love those little buggers, they are adorable!!
3 really makes it hard. You only have 2 hands and 2 feet, what do you do with that 3rd one? One is always getting away, 2 always gang up on the 3rd, and now the boys will ALWAYS win the TV channel.
On the brighter side, in a few years Josh will be going to Father & Sons outings, scouting events and hunting/fishing trips, which will leave you and Alli some fun girls nights. (Course Alli will probably want to do some of that fishing stuff too.)

Torman said...

Learn to love being insane and it all works out! :) You will do awesome! Love you girl!

The Owens said...

You will be great at being a mother of three!! We are expecting # 5 in December, now that, my friend, I am afraid of.. HAHA Congrats!