Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ok... Ok... I'm sorry... I'm a looser! (or is it loser?) I can't remember how to spell it!

It's literally been FOREVER since I posted last (right mom?). So sorry. Anyways, instead of going back and trying to catch up, I'm just going to share some pictures of Alli's birthday and then some from this last trip to WA for the family reunion. Again, so sorry. For Al's birthday, we just invited her friends and Idaho Cousins over for some outside water fun with pools and a slip-n-slide and the sprinkler under Blake's and her new trampoline (I mean, jumperline). It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure the kids has a blast as well! ;) I made some fun colored cupcakes, instead of the traditional cake, and then the kids had ice cream cones too. Can you say "Sugar Buzz"?
While in Washington, I stayed at Neen's house (that would be my sister, Justine). It {meaning her house} is totally and completely surrounded by blackberries. So, I decided we were going to bake some blackberry pies, one evening. They were still a little too runny in the center, but no one will know if I don't tell them. Oh man... I totally just told you! Dang it. I wanted you to think that I was the perfect baker. Well, next time... next time. Anyways, Blake absolutely LOVED the pie (I mean, it still tasted friggin' AWESOME duh). Can you tell that he loved it? Yeah, I didn't really think so either. ;)
Then came the family reunion. We went to the church property near Lacey/Olympia. It was pretty fun, 'cept for the rain. But, us Washingtonians don't let a little rain get us down. Oh no... we play in the rain baby. Well, at least the kids do, and they also play in the mudd as well. See..

Yes... that would be snot that Landon is licking from his upper lip. Yum-my! And doesn't Alli just look adorable... with that wild hair, and muddy face? Being the awesome mom that I am, I totally forgot a coat for Alli, so my loving sister gave her one of the boys white sweatshirts because (and I quote) "Alli won't get it as dirty." Umm, hello?! Justine, are you on drugs. I think you should talk to the bishop about that. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's against the word of wisdom, or something like that. {Grimace} Oopsie. You bad. "Sa-curity! SA-curity! "
I was able to see some very distant relatives, and I even learned that I have some relatives over here in little 'ol Idaho! Firth and Pocatello to be exact. Isn't that nuts!? Overall, I would say it was quite the success. I was able to see my "Uncle Ben and Aunt Gina" and their kids. Ben is actually my mom's cousin. So I don't really know what that makes him to me. Anyways, his second oldest, Nathan (the love of my life - sorry Josh) is 19 years old! Holy moly.... I almost had a heart attack! He's going to be going on a mission here pretty quick. Dang, and does that boy look good! I wish I would have gotten a picture of him. That was stupid of me. You'd think I was a photographer or something. Geez. All Ben and Gina's kids are cute. Their oldest boy is 20 (almost 21 I think) and then there's Nathan, and Joel (who is 15). And they have a daughter, Jessica. But she is only 11 (if I remember right) and far too young to be worried about dating! ;) Sorry boys.
Anways, just some random shots from the weekend:

I love this picture!
(My mom, and her siblings and parents)
Give you ONE guess who's bum frack this is... {you really shouldn't need it}.

I will have you know that I started this fire with NO newspaper, using only bark for kindling and some matches. Well, a lot of matches - but still, it's one ragin' fire... am I right?! I am woman, hear me ROAR!

This is my kind of camping breakfast: (fresh doughnuts and McDonald's) Yeah, we rough it. Big time!

I think that Justine holds my same philosophy: take a bad picture on PURPOSE! ;) That way, people don't think you take bad pictures naturally, 'cause it's totally obvious you're trying to look bad! ;) Unfortunately for me, Justine actually has to TRY to look bad in a picture. All I have to do is smile. {shutter}


Bree said...

Good post Bree! Now maybe you can come update my blog for me I think my Blog is going to shut it's self down from neglect. Looks like you had a blast. I am sure glad you are home! wesa missed ya!

Bree said...

opps! ok so I was posting on our website and forgot to log out, you get the point.

grammaDawn said...

It was a great time and I'm sure glad you got to come join in on the fun. You will really have to keep in touch with Peggy, she's fun. Thanks for updating your blog, love to read new stuff and see new pictures.