Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One year older, and wiser too!

Happy Birthday to you!
Oh my goodness... 4 years old! Holy cow, where has the time gone sister?! Am I really old enough to have a four year old!? Yeesh.

Well, Alli. The first born. Aboslutely crazy. I don't know what I would do without you little girl. You are such a sweet heart and the world just wouldn't be complete without you. Let it be known, while you can be as sweet as candy, you can be as spicy as a chile. Dad thinks it comes from me (I'm thinking the sugar - most definitley comes from me) but I think the spice comes more from him!

You are such a smart girl, and already you are so ready to be grown. It makes me sad because you have no idea how fast the time has already gone for me. Pretty soon you'll be in kindergarten and then the next thing I know Dad and I will be sitting there at your graduation, and then we'll be shipping you off to college (wahoo ;). Wow. That is weird to think about. Just don't go thinking about boys until you're 30 or so. Gotta give me some time for that one. Love you so much baby girl! ~Mom


Bragbook said...

Amen- to all of it! Love ya Alli dawn anderson I hope your day was special!

grammaDawn said...

Wish I could have been there to celebrate. Hate that I miss out on so much. You make me smile just thinking about you. Miss you soooo much, but I'll see you soon. Loveyoumeanit!

The Owens said...

That was so sweet....... She is adorable! Happy Birthday sweetie!