Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My (our) new bathroom!

Finally, a sa-weet new bathroom (that doesn't make me cringe). I'm totally loving it! Thank you, thank you, thank you Josh!!!
I got some free time to take some pictures while the kids were soaking. Just ignore them ;) Just joking... here are some fun shots of them playing in their new tub.
They really like the little drain thing. I caught them making faces and watching themselves in it, and just had to take a picture. They thought that they were hilarious!
Here are some various bathroom shots. Doesn't it look awesome!? Josh remodeled it, with help from our friend Nick (thanks for putting up with his absense Kacey). I think they did a fantastic job. Yum!
Josh also built in a cabinet above the toilet, but I didn't get a shot of it. Oops. Also, totally disregard the ugly blue shower curtain. I bought that to go with the ugly blue theme the original bathroom had (YUCK). And there isn't an outlet cover on yet. The last one was an almond color - so we need to get a fresh WHITE one. So, everything but the toilet is new, and I am LOVING IT! Every time I walk by it, I have to stop and peek in. Yipee! Now, it's on to the rest of the house. Maybe we'll get it done by the end of the summer... maybe.


grammaDawn said...

Major ja-bob! lookin' good for sure. How fun was that?

James & Amy Anderson Family said...

That looks really nice! My kids like to make faces at the drain thing too- so funny!

Bragbook said...

I give it 5 stars!!! I want to come take a bath!!! I love it!!!!! Tell josh to keep the re-modeling momentum in motion :)! If is going to get results like that then Josh can take Nick any time for as long as needed! LOVE IT!

neenerneener said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm JEALOUS!! That looks amazing! I'd be moving my bed into the bathroom just to spend all my time in there! Tell josh he did a fantastic job!

Hieb Family said...

It looks so nice I can't wait to see it in person.

jordanrox13 said...

Bree!! WE busted out butt in that bathroom too!!!