Sunday, March 29, 2009

Green & White

Big fat BOO for the white today. It friggin' snowed... and it's almost APRIL! Hellloooooo! I'm totally OVER the snow and the cold. I just want spring to get here {picture me using my whiney voice}. We went to our nephew's baby blessing today, and I got up at 7:00am to get ready (uber-yuck). The wind was already blowing so hard that it was making the power flicker. Yay for bad weather. {did you catch the sarcasm?} But, atleast it wasn't snowing... yet. Otherwise I would have just gotten back in bed and not have even bothered (I have a habit of peeking out the blinds right after my feet hit the floor in the morning). Our Sunday started out cold, wet and windy. The snow didn't start until 1 or so. This is the second (atleast) blizzard we've has this week! I'd ask "What is with this weather!?" but it's Idaho. 'Nuff said. Stinkin' Idaho {grumble grumble grumble}!

On the plus side, our seeds are starting to sprout! YAY for GREEN!!!! We've got chives and grape tomatoes sproutin'... so much fun. It's crazy how seeing those few tiny green hairs coming out of the dirt can make me so happy! I even had to wake Josh up from his Sunday nap to tell him about the tomatoes (the chives have been up for a couple of days). I don't think that he was as thrilled as I was. *oops* Oh well. He'll be happy when we're saving some serious dough on veggies this summer/fall! Fo' sho'!


Hieb Family said...

I love growing things. Good for you for getting started so early!

grammaDawn said...

I just talked with Karen and they had 4" of that white stuff this morning as well. Gig Harbor is pretty nice, so I'm good today. Nice job on the garden stuff, that's really exciting.

Stephanie said...

This weather is so crazy! It was fun to see you guys today. I hope you make it to WA safely. Have fun!

James & Amy Anderson Family said...

I am so sick of the snow, too! Hope the roads are good for you tomorrow- see you in a few weeks!