Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bath Time! Anyone up for a swim?

Don't ever let me fill a bath for you kids. Chances are, I'm going to forget that the bath water is running (because the laundry needs to be switched over, the dishes need to be washed, the table needs to be wiped off, etc).

The other day I put the kids in the bath while it was filling up (they like to play in the running water). The baby I tend during the day started crying so I went to check on him. Well, I figured that he was hungry and I made him a bottle. Then I started feeding him. Then he needed to burp. Then I put him down to sleep. Then I went to switch over the laundry. And then I hear yelling from the bathroom. CRAP! I totally forgot to shut off the water!!! It's a dang good thing that our water runs really slow, otherwise it would have totally run over the side of the tub! I'm such a dork. It's a good thing that Blake is well past the age of falling over when he sits. Yikes.

Like I said earlier, don't EVER let me fill a bath for your kids, 'cause this is what happens:


grammaDawn said...

Do that in my tub and Blake would be under water and Alli could actually swim. I think I'll be in charge of running the water while you're here :-)

Brag Book Blog said...

How fun!! Might as well swim in the tub since it is winter outside! :)

Stephanie said...

I have to leave Ty's bath water at a trickle. That way, if I forget that it's running {which is often} then I really don't have to worry about it running over. Plus, I have to leave the water at a trickle cuz Ty will start freaking out if I turn {his} water off. The kid likes his waterfalls....little weirdo!