Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh No She Didn't! {z-snap}{hands-on-my-hips}{neck wiggle}

Like Alli in this picture... I'm hurt. Irritated or annoyed might be better descriptions. I just got done reading this blog written by a church-going mom-to-be (nothing wrong with that, right?! Right.) This girl (she remains anonymous in her blog), she is hilarious! Seriously. I loved reading her stuff. I laughed out loud A LOT! I wish I could write with such whit and comedy. But she does nothing but make fun of "Molly-Mormons" and "Peter-Priesthoods". I didn't read all of her stuff because part of her "thing" is spelling words WAYYYY wrong (she uses common misspellings and lots of other things) and, don't get me wrong, it's funny... but it totally irks the crap out of me trying to read through it. (My OCD just doesn't let me get over that sort of thing - words have to be spelled correctly ;) .) I guess the funny thing about her writing is that she is dead on with a lot of her stuff, but I just don't understand... Why the need to make fun of it all? There is a lot of "Mormon" stuff (culture, -isms, the "need" to be spiritually better than thee, etc) that bothers me... but I don't feel the need to hate on it. I guess what really irks me is that in one of her posts, she makes fun of the mormon moms who start their own business or hop on to one of the many home-based businesses out there (and the competition amongst the moms)... so, in a round-a-bout way she is totally ranking on me & my friends. Why is it a bad thing that I (we) want to better my situation by doing something that I (we) love!? And doing it from home, to boot!? Argh. But what really set me off was a comment from a super-smaralec reader who said "she should start her own professional photography business in her basement by throwing up a black sheet, just because her husband bought her a digital camera." Why people!? Why make fun of that!? A black sheet is AWESOME for a back drop (if you have to shoot indoors) and, seriously, you have to start somewhere. Not everyone starts out their photography business (or any business) with 100K worth of equipment and a studio (or non-home office). Geez louise people! Some people gotta' work for their bread - or crumbs in my case (seriously, I have to lick my finger to even pick them up they're so tiny)... but that doesn't matter... "don't laugh at me" (name that song), it's not nice... WWJD, CTR and all that! ;) (Yes, I am making fun (I'm not all seriousness - I can laugh))

Honestly, her blog is way funny (it really, truly is - I'll still go and read it every now and then), but I had a hard time deciding if some things were serious, or were her (and/or her readers) trying to be funny, or just a combination of them all making fun because it's the "cool" thing to do - it's not funny when you're being hurtful guys... gals... whomever. Honestly, I'm all for laughing at yourself (well, myself really), and poking a little fun now and then - ask anyone who knows me. But something just struck a nerve, and I had to rant a little. I'm pretty peeved. It is obvious? ... A little? ... Dang and I thought I'd disguised it so well! ;)


Kelsey said...

You know.... you crack me up! I was reading through this and just laughing cause it was like you were telling it right to me. you go girl! tell her how it is. There is nothing wrong with you and your friends wanting to make some extra money. I started my business for the same reason. no, Im not married with kids, but why is it so different all of a sudden when you are married with kids? She is just jealous of you and your amazing skills. What is her blog address? I want to look it up and leave a nice comment for her! you are funny... sure do miss you. love you lots and keep on snapping away!

Stephanie said...

Girl...you make me laugh! I know the feeling. It's funny how people also automatically assume that if you're a stay-at-home mom that you're mormon. I may have mormon roots and my husbands father is a bishop....but Zack and I really don't practice the religion. It comes right down to human nature, on what this girl is talking about. It's jealousy! It's not about being a mormon, or a SAHM, or having your own business while staying at home. It's pure jealousy! Everybody and everyone dreams about the things that we SAHM (plus little business makers at home) get to do. Who wouldn't want to be in our shoes! We get to stay home with our snotty nosed children, feed our husbands when they're hungry, clean the house (that never seems to stay clean for more than 2 seconds), run errands, go to church and all the activities that they volunteered you for, and still try to have time to do the things we enjoy (and why not get paid for it, right?). So, this girl who has this blog....tell her that you'd love to trade her places for just one day. Take the kids, make food for the starving husband, clean your house, run your errands, and go to church, and then still go out and take beautiful pictures of strangers kids and families! You stay strong! I've got my budding business as well in my little home and I couldn't be more happy with what I'm doing with my life. Just think.....we'll be 40 years old, still doing everything that we are doing today, and where's she going to be at?

grammaDawn said...

Who is this chick and do you know her? I wish I did, I'd like to leave her a comment or two. But actually, who really cares what she thinks? What does her opinion matter? She obvioulsy has very low self-worth. She makes herself look better when she tears others down. Keep on keeping on. The End