Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Resolutions:

I've seen this on a couple other blogs... and it kinda sounded like fun. So I thought I'd give it a spin. I have some new resolutions this year... and some of the same from every year before. Here they are:

1. Lose atleats 25 lbs (obviously the same resolution from the years prior - maybe it would be easier to just say: Not gain any more weight!? Hmmm...)
2. Keep my house clean enough for my husband to tolerate
3. Find a way to earn some extra money to help build my photography business (check and check- found some things already but wish it was more)
4. Read the Book of Mormon again (I always seem to read things that weren't there the time before... weird.)
5. Be better at meal planning and cooking (read: not eating out as much and spending less at the grocery store)
6. Be a better neighbor
7. Be more patient
8. Forgive those who've wronged me (that's a tuffy)
9. Learn to crochet
10. Learn to follow a sewing pattern (like maybe sewing some clothes or something)
11. Be more optimistic (about everything)

That's all... for now. ;)


leslie mae said...

I can help with #'s 9 & 10. Give me a call!

neenerneener said...

who wants to be a good neighbor? haha, no i'm kidding, you're quite ambitious, christian asked my new years resolution, i said none. i never keep it anyway, maybe that should be my resolution, to keep my previous resolution?? now theres a thought....

grammaDawn said...

You go girl. I still haven't given it much thought except start the Book of Mormon again. I just finished, (our bishop challenged our ward again, and I met that) I'm deciding on a few others, but not getting crazy. Now that I know what yours are I'll check up on it every now a then. And if you don't take up Leslie on 9 & 10 you're silly.

Bragbook said...

wow look at you go girl! writing them down is the first step your way ahead of me on that. I am horrible at new years resolutions :)