Friday, November 14, 2008

Playin' at the Park

For the first time in quite a while, it was SUNNY out today! Don't get too excited, it was still FREEZING outside. Regardless of the cold, I loaded up the kids, their coats & hats, and my camera & took them all to the park to take some fall pictures (I know, I know... I'm behind a little in the picture department). Since they were so good to sit and take pictures for me, I decided to take them over to the playground. Yeah NOT... Blake and Alli did not sit good for me AT ALL - but I still took them to the playground anyways - I guess you could say that I love them, or something like that. We all had a blast (yeah - including me... I know... shocking)! The kids LOVED to be able to run around outside in the fresh air, and I loved that they weren't climbing all over me and whining at me for a change! It was fantastic... no lie!

We swung on the swings (for a bit)

slid down the slides (a lot)

climbed up the ladders (a lot)

and did lots of other FUN things (a lot)!

It was a great day! I know that Blake is going to crash after lunch (too bad I can't sucker Alli into taking naps anymore ;) and I am going to have a fairly quiet afternoon! WAHOOO! Yay for the playground!


Stephanie said...

Hey! I'm just about to post some pics of Ty at the same park. Ha Ha!
Cute kids, you got there! How fun is it to live vicariously though our kids. It cracks me up! The love we have for our kids can feel like you want to tear your own eye balls out kind of love, sometimes. But that love is so worth it when you get to look back at all the cute adorable pics of them. You then start to wonder how'd you ever live without them! Kids are so great! GOtta love em!

James & Amy Anderson Family said...

That looks like a great park! Where is it?

Bree said...

It's the new playground in Tautphaus Park (by shelter #2). It's awesome!

grammaDawn said...

That was a fun park, wish I could have seen Blake running around like that. He's certainly going to keep you on your toes. Soon the only parks you will be able to take him to is ones that are all fenced up.