Friday, November 14, 2008

My little Mountain Goat

So, as most of you may know by now, Blake is walking... a lot (it's about bloody time)! He's far from great at it, but he is actually showing a preference to it over crawling. And with that, Blake's new "thing" is climbing... on EVERYTHING. I swear that kid has some mountain goat in him somewhere... yikes. I always find him on the table... it's his new hangout. His first ascent to the table top was in search of some Halloween candy. He's realized that all the "cool" stuff gets put there, and now I don't know how to keep him down! Blake's strong enough to move the chairs around by himself too, so pushing them all the way in, or all the way out doesn't help at all. I guess I just have to wait for him to fall off a few more times before he realizes that it isn't worth it anymore... a woman can hope, right!? ;) Oh well, boys will be boys (or mountain goats anyways).


James & Amy Anderson Family said...

That's exciting that he is walking! It's kind of a bitter-sweet thing, huh?!

grammaDawn said...

He's unstopable now!!