Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shake shake shake... shake shake shake... shake your PLUM TREE!

Instead of letting all of the plums fall on their own, I decided to speed up the process (I'm not a patient woman, as you may already know). I laid out blankets under the tree, and then climbed up the branches, and shook it's little guts out (or, plums in this case)! I can't believe how many plums we've gotten! After we gathered all the plums from the first tree, we set out to conquer the second. Josh wanted to shake that tree, so to be nice I let him (He decided not to climb the tree though - the party pooper ;) I think it's better to be the one in the tree doing the shaking cause then you don't get pelted by fruit. You think that because they're small, they wouldn't hurt - but OUCH! Those suckers can sting!

So, thanks to the genius that is me, we are up to our eye balls in plums! We have one super large cooler full, and another large cooler and a plastic tub FULL! Now not a single one of you has an excuse NOT to come and help us get rid of these things! Honest, they are just going to go to waste... first come first serve people!

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Hieb Family said...

Bring me a box tomorrow. My neighbor and I would like to share one. I don't know what I will do with them exactly, but I can make some plum crisp:)