Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Auntie Ling-Ling!

Most of you already know that my older sister, Chalynn, has been here for the past two weeks hanging out, and helping me with the house and kids. I love it when she comes! Don't get me wrong - it can be difficult... but it's so much fun! She has helped me soooo much with the kids, and not to mention the house! I've been busy making plum jam, jelly and syrup and have severely neglected the housework (even more than usual). But, Chalynn has been there to help with folding all the laundry, bathing and dressing the kids, cleaning their room, pushing Blake and Alli in the grocery cart, carrying Blake in the store when he doesn't want to ride in the cart anymore, etc. Chalynn is such a great help - and I think that Josh is ready to trade me for her. Much like me, Chalynn can really clean up a storm when she wants to! Unfortunatley, she has to leave tomorrow, and I'm pretty bummed. Love you Chalynn! Please come again really soon!


Stephanie said...

It was fun to see you Chalylynn!

Bragbook said...

we love you too Ling Ling and we hope your trip home is a safe and fun one! Hope you come visit again soon!!