Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Now that I have all of these apples... something has got to be done with them, right? So guess what I did? Come on... guess! Can't guess? I'll give you a hint... I also did this with the plums... If you guessed that I canned them then you are super smart! If you didn't guess that I canned them - then you are definitely NOT the sharpest tool in the shed 'cause I'll bet the first thing you looked at in this posting was the picture of the jars ;) DUH! I kidding! You know I love you all - even if you are a little bit slow! HAHAHA! Anyways, I got a couple of apple pie filling recipes that I am trying out. I love apple pie (who doesn't... MOM *ahem*) so I decided that pie filling and applesauce were the best routes to take. I mean, what else can you do with apples?! No, really... what else can you do with them? Seriously, tell me...

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