Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My mom thinks she's hilarious!

But, she's the only one laughing. Every Halloween, since I've moved out of the house, my mom has sent me a package full of Halloween goodies ... and freakin' spiders! I don't know why she thinks it's funny to plant those ugly little beasts in my packages because, she too is scared of spiders and has to touch the wretched little things in order to put them in the package. Secretly, I think my Mom hates me and wants me to die of a heart attack one of these days! No, I'm just teasing... I know it's all in fun - but she has to know, that after 7 years of sending me spiders in the mail she's got a few things coming to her. Mom - I OWE you BIG time!!! Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa! (that's how I spell an evil laugh ;)

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