Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Project time!!! (Before)

Okay - so I think that I might be one of those people who isn't happy unless she is doing something crafty (of ANY sort). I got a wild hair a while back, and bought a wingback chair from the D.I. for a photography prop. And boy was it UGLY and STINKY! But hey, I can't ask for perfection when I only paid $10 for the sucker! I bought it knowing full and well that I was going to re-upholster it (Yeah, I admit it's ugly (for now)) and I think that Josh was a little upset that I was taking up precious garage space with more of my "junk"! So tonight I decided to justify the purchase and get to work turning my trash into treasure. Tonight I ripped it down to the bones, and then tomorrow I am going to make it beautiful by giving it some new clothes! It's gonna be awesome! Well, it better be awesome 'cause the suckin' thing poked me with it's rusty staples over 3 times (honest, I had to use bandaids)!!! So be on the lookout for my new chair!

And yes, I wrote on the chair so that when I tore the fabric off I would know exactly which piece it was! Geez, I'm not THAT stupid! It was just too bad that Alli caught me scribbling away on it. I just know I'm going to pay for that one soon. "Look mom! I colored the couch!" *cringe*


Hieb Family said...

I LOVE being the recipient of your awesome projects. You can just send that chair on home with Justin on Saturday if it is finished:) Love ya!!!

Bree said...

Love you too! I miss you tons and TONS woman!