Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just chillin'...

Sometimes, during the evening, we like to go outside as a family and just hang out in the backyard. Usually, Josh and I sit and watch, or we'll push Alli and Blake on the swings, or we'll play catch with together. I love being able to just relax as a family and enjoy one another's company while we have a bit of fun at the same time.
Recently, Josh bought the kids a trampoline... and before you get too excited for them, just take a look at the pictures. He bought one of those tiny, work-out trampolines from the D.I. for like $10. Oh well, I would have LOVED a giant one, but the kids enjoy this one just fine. Whatever works right?! Sure sure... whatever works.

So, my little monkey (you might know him as Blake) has finally figured out the climbing wall on the jungle gym. Scared me half to death the other day - cause I didn't know that he could climb. I was weeding in the garden, when I hear Alli telling Blake, "Good job!" and "You can do it!". Curious as to what they were doing, I look over and, sure enough, Blake was sitting on the deck of the jungle gym! I about peed my pants! But he was dang proud of himself - he was cmiling and clapping for himself (the little bugger). Then, as I was walking over to get him down, he crawled over to the slide, and flew down, landing on his back. That sure scared him! Too bad it didn't cure him of staying away from the jungle gym. Now I actually have to stand out there next to him when they are playing so that he doesn't kill himself!

So, this is kinda crazy... the night before last we were outside playing around, and you'd never believe what we found on the play set (no fair looking at the picture first - cheater)! It was this ugly, brownish colored Praying Mantis! Yuck! I didn't even know that those things existed in Idaho, let alone that they were any other color but green! Someone tell me, do they bite or anything?! I know that the female eats her mate after *ahem* well, you know... but do they bite humans? *shiver* They are really gross and kinda creepy looking. Or is that just me?


Hieb Family said...

I don't know much about praying mantis', but you should google it. I love the update. I was just thinking that everyone seems to be in a lull right now. I LOVE the skirt by the way!!!! Do you think you could help me do that with a nasty old pair of dress pants? I would love a pencil skirt for school!!!!

Bree said...

Heck yes I could help you do that! It's SOOOO way easy! Just let me know when you've got a minute (or 90) - cause you know I'm always up for some Suzy time!