Monday, June 9, 2008

Why 3 year-olds shouldn't play with scissors!!!

While I was feeding Blake the other morning Alli went to the bathroom by herself, which is nothing new, but what happened was... Before she got on the potty I heard her rummaging in the bathroom cabinet under the sink, and I yelled to her, "Alli, what are you doing?" You see, I was in the living room and couldn't see what was going on. Well, she replies, "I'm just going potty!" So, I thought that would be it. But then it got really quiet in the bathroom, and I knew that something was up. When I went in to check on Alli, I found her sitting on the toilet with her head in her hands, and I knew that something was really wrong. It was at that moment that I noticed the hair clippings littering the floor under the toilet and on her stool. Horrified, I asked her, "Alli, what did you do?" to which her reply was, as she looked up at me with a smile, "I look like a seahawk!" She was so proud of her new hair cut... I tried not to be mad or cry (what would that help?). Everyone told me, "Laugh about it, there's nothing else you can do!" but I'm finding that days later, I am just starting to smile about it! Oh, Alli girl... what would I do without you?!

I saved a lock of the butchered hair, and took many pictures to add to her scrapbook because you know I am going to use them to tease her with later (future boyfriends and her wedding perhaps). The sad thing is, it took us 3 years to get it as long as it is now... so I can just imagine how long it will take to grow in the bald patch that now sits front and center on her forehead. Warning to friends and family: future beautician in the Anderson family... visit at your own risk!

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Hieb Family said...

Finally, you did it!! What fun pictures. I can't wait to see what Alli comes up with next. She keeps you on your toes.