Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pregnancy Update

(Because all posts are better with a picture. Isn't she so funny when she 'models'? I just let her do whatever she wants and when she was doing her poses for me, she kept asking me "Do I look cute? Is this cute? How about this?" It was pretty friggin' hilarious.)

Thank you so much for every one's prayers 'cause let me tell you, they really helped. I had my 30 week appointment with Dr. O yesterday and all my glucose numbers came back looking good. Meaning? NO gestational diabetes, holla! I'm so glad. The last thing I wanted to do was spend the next (x) amount of weeks pricking my fingers thrice a day and testing my levels. Yuck. I had GD with Blake or Alli  (isn't that sad that I can't remember?) and it got to the point where I just faked my numbers. I couldn't even prick my fingers. Seriously, I wouldn't let myself push that little button on the needle thing. I just had to be SUPER careful about what I ate. I totally do not recommend anyone else doing this - I'm just irresponsible like that (and lucky that nothing serious happened).

Another positive from yesterday's appointment: my blood pressure is back to normal. It was pretty high at my last appointment and made everyone kinda nervous. It's good to have it back in my normal range - just one less thing to worry about. I asked about the burning the happens all day long (and gets worse at night) along my right, and now left sides. Turns out, it's my nerves being stretched beyond maximum capacity and they aren't handling it very well. In fact I'd say they are in the 'Terrible-Two's stage of tantrums and I don't know how to calm them down. Turn's out that there isn't anything to be done for it  and Tylenol isn't working (No offense Tylenol). Honestly, it doesn't even take the edge off.

It's crazy to think that Archer is going to be here so soon. Only about 8 (or less) weeks left until my world is completely turned upside down. I wish that there was something to do to better prepare. It's frustrating just waiting.

I made my OB (Dr. O) swear that he was going to be there for the c-section. I've had the worst sleep the last several nights and I think it's because I'm worrying about D day so much. It totally freaks me out thinking about going into labor early (as I did with Logan and Blake) and having to have some stranger cutting me open at 2 am on a Saturday morning with all the necessary people missing (esp. people like my family). I really really really want Dr. O there. He has been the most amazing Dr. and has been with me for EVERY pregnancy and delivery (including Tay's) and I don't want this pregnancy to be an exception. I made Dr. O promise that he wasn't going on any vacations or scuba trips (he's a big scuba diver) and he assured me that he would be there for the delivery and wouldn't have it any other way. It made me feel so much better, and still, I worry about it... go figure. Isn't that a mother's job anway? Let me ask my mom... "Hey mom! Does the worrying EVER stop?" ... She'll let us know.

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neenerneener said...

hahahahahaha! we were literally JUST talking on tuesday about how the worrying never stops! though i think mom is the biggest worrier of us:) love you sister, glad things are going well....or as well as they can for now! MUAH**

grammaDawn said...

Hey, that's a mother's job, can't help it:o)I love you and wish I was there to help. Really glad thing there has been some good news. loveyameanit!

Eddins said...

I'm so glad your GD test came back normal. If you need anything please let us know!