Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Ramblings

Can I whine just a bit?! I mean, really... I feel like whining. Am I justified in that? In all honesty, I didn't start blogging about this pregnancy so that I could get a bunch of pity and rant a rave about the injustice of it all. Nor do I want anyone's pity, but sometimes... it just isn't fair. Sometimes, it's just too much and I just need to vent. It seems like the best place to do that is here. So, like I used to tell the members in my gospel doctrines class on Sunday - it's my class (or in this case, blog) and I'll do what I want to. The purpose of this blog, was to talk about everything: the good, the bad, the ugly & apparently, the whiney. It's my outlet for all things 'Baby #5 related'. So don't read it if you don't want to hear about it. You've been warned. ;)

All things considered, I've been really enjoying this pregnancy- physically speaking. If this had been my last pregnancy, by now I would have been sick of all the discomfort and pain. Up until a few days ago, I was getting so excited because the Pelvic Girdle Pain I've gotten with the last few pregnancies hasn't reared it's ugly head yet. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe the Big Guy Upstairs might be cutting me a little slack during this go around - but NOOOOOOOO. Just the other morning (Sunday, the same morning of discovering 'that there's no F in Christmas' to be exact) I woke up with the worst kind of pain in my hips. Wanting to give it the benefit of doubt, I tried shrugging it off as our horrible mattress. Well, it just got worse and worse and now it's to the point where I can actually feel my hips grinding and clicking when I walk - GROSS and OWWWW! Every step I take get's more and more painful as the day wears on. I mean, as if this pregnancy wasn't full of enough EMOTIONAL pain, now I've got this to deal with. Thank you! It hurts to sleep, sit stand, bend... whatever, for too long at a time. Oh yeah, on top of that this kid had some major Paul Bunyan of a growth spurt on me over the last couple of days and now the floating ribs on my right side feel like they are starting to separate again - like they did when I was preggo with Logan. OUCH! Seriously, imagine your muscles and bones being slowly and torturously torn apart. Yeah, it's ugly huh!? It burns ALL the live long day. It's so friggin' annoying. I mean, really really really annoying. Especially during this horribly busy season! I can't just around and take it easy. Believe me, I've tried.
I was walking around Wal-Mart, pushing a cart full of kiddos and groceries the other day and kept having to stop in the aisles to rest my hips. It's actually pretty funny to watch, because I have to kinda breathe through it. Anyways, you can imagine the looks I was getting from some of the other shoppers. I swear, people were looking at me like I was going into labor! It was hilarious. They'd kinda watch me out of the corner of their eye as they walked passed with this look on their face like they didn't know whether to stop and help or speed walk the heck outta there! It was pretty entertaining. In fact, I think I might just go spend an hour or so at the big WM tomorrow just freaking people out - why not get some sort of entertainment out of this?! I think I'm well within my rights to do that. What do you think? Yeah, I think I just might.

(picture credit: Jill Greenberg Studios)


grammaDawn said...

Probably as funny to watch as when we took the farting machine to the mall. Maybe you should take that too. Bend over in pain, then push the farting machine. Now that would be good.
Wish I could be there to help, I really feel horrible not being there for you. So sorry!

neenerneener said...

get some pain meds from your Dr sissy! none of these T3s...something good so you dont have to have the physical pain;)