Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Man, I'm lame.

Sorry it has been FOREVER since I've posted anything. I'm just trying to stay afloat in the ocean of my life. Recent news:
-Kacey and my photography business (maybe you've heard of it, {the Frame}) is rocking this little town. We're doing great and having a blast! Can't wait until next year when picture season picks back up again. Then we're really going to knock 'em dead. I mean, if we're this busy now then imagine what next year will bring us.
-I'm survivng school. I just wish I wouldn't worry so much about my grades. I'm still maintaining that 4.0 (straight A's) but at the total and complete cost of my sanity.
-Alli's starting to read. I've got her working on 3 and four letter words and for a four year old, she is doing excellent! She's up to reading atleast a 18 words or so. It's been fun watching how excited she is to read! My baby girl is growing up... wow... I just started to tear up... moving on...
-Blake is, well, Blake. He is my little sweetheart and oh so polite but he's starting to learn from his sister's ways. The little sneak. Blakes learning to cry to get what he wants(what a faker that boy is) and he's got the pouty lip down pat. He does this little "humphh" and then crosses his arms and sticks his lip out. Oh man, it's cute.
-Josh is still building. We are SO fortunate that he is able to keep so busy with the times like they are. Even Alli is learning to pray for "More work for Daddy" at every prayer time. It's very sweet. He recently (like weeks ago) got back from helping out a friend (if you could call him that) help build a cabin up in Alaska. Unfortunately, it was all work and no play. Jack was definitely a dull boy - if you know what I mean. ;) Actually, he did get to go out ocean fishing once, but the waves were pretty big and Josh apparently get's sea sick. So they stuck around the bay areas and got a lot of action. He got to see a lot of sea life and tons of American Bald Eagles. I wish I could have gone JUST to take pictures. I spruced up one of the pictures that was taken on the fishing trip. I apologize... this guy obviously wasn't a photographer {I'm totally just joking}
You can see the seals if you squint and get really close to the screen. Cool, huh!? I think that this picture is awesome! Esp. if it was blown up, all huge like. The color of the water, and the waves rushing off of the rocks is just breath taking. Yum.
-FYI... New Moon is coming out. Is Taylor Lautner making anyone else veer toward Team Jacob?! Yikes! He's so cute, I just can't help myself. Sorry Josh. ;)
Well, I have math class tonight, and we've got a test. I guess I better study for it (or try really hard to study). Until next time.


Stephanie said...

I'm excited for New Moon too! I've just got no one to go with. You wanna go to New Moon with me....please! We can make it a girls night. :)

Torman said...

Jacob! Jacob! Jacob! {chanting, but I think you caught on}

neenerneener said...

I would agree, but I'm 50 and that's just wrong!!!