Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

Ok so I feel really shady right now like I am breaking a law or a code, but this is Kacey, Bree's sister, (I am adopted ok) anyway here are the Anderson Kids eating at a super cool party on the 4th of July.


grammaDawn said...

Kacey, this is your mother...your adopted mother, ok? Anyway, those are awesome pictures you took of my grandkids. Looks like I missed out on a fun hoo hoo!

Bragbook said...

Hi Mom! Yippy now Bree's blog is private so those of us who LOVE Bree and her blog can say all the inappropriate things we want!!!! And Look at all the naughty pictures. OH man I am the naughty one.

grammaDawn said...

I feel so free now!