Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm such a looser lately!

A big, fat, BUSY looser! I've just completed my first week of an 8 week summer semester of school. I'm totally on my way to becoming a nurse. Look out world... pretty soon I'll be let loose in the hospitals. AHHHHH! No, not really. You've still got time. ;) I've got three years left before I graduate. Part time school is crazy slow (but I'd totally burn myself out any other way). Anyways, why am I calling myself a looser you ask? Cause look at my lame-o family blog lately. No pictures, no posts... no FUN! I'm really sorry about that. I wish that I was doing better, but between school, homework, a house, my garden, my family and my photography... I just don't have much time for anything else! Can you really blame me?! You can... well I'm sorry you feel that way. Unlike you, I am not Super Woman (how cool would that be though!?) ;) I hope to get better with this as I get more and more aquainted with my schedule and how to better divey up my time. But until then... please please please bare with me. Maybe I'll post a picture of my garden, or my crazy kids soon. You never know. I just might. Maybe. Hopefully. Probably not... do you still love me?!


Hieb Family said...

I must say I miss your frequent posts, but I will forgive you. I haven't done too well myself. Can't wait to come up again, and good job with school. It will be over before you know it!

grammaDawn said...

Yes we do miss your posts, but forgive and understand what you're up against. Hope you had a wonderful the way, how did you get that old so quickly? Man I'm old!