Monday, March 9, 2009

What a little weirdo!

Blake wanted to go outside today so badly that he didn't care who's shoes he put on or what he was wearing! He woke up from his nap, dad was home and Alli was coming in from outside and all Blake knew was that he wanted to go outside as well! What a funny kid. Blake kept saying, "shoes, coat..." because he knows they are both required in order for him to go out. I guess he forgot that pants were a necessity as well! Oops!

And if you're wondering, Alli did NOT like Blake wearing her shoes! Not at all.

These next ones just make me laugh. There I was trying to take pictures of the cute little clips I'd just finished making for Alli, and Josh says "Bree, get a picture of this!" When I turned around, this is what I saw:

Blake also happens to think that hats mean outside as well. And he especially loves to wear Josh's hats. It just cracks me up. He is such a goober... oh, but how I LOVE him! You could probably tell in the first set of pictures, but Blake was in dire need of a diaper change. In this next set of pictures you will see that the second photo shows him hikin' the droopin' diaper back up to where it's supposed to be! It's probably my favorite of the bunch!

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grammaDawn said...

Pants, who needs pants? Landon was out in the snow naked, let him live. Kiddin', I'm sure your neighbor appreciate the fact that you make them get completely dressed to roam the neighborhood. Cute little guy.